There are at least a dozen different wallpapers predating the 1960's in our house. The picture on the right is one of the most perplexing questions I have about the house. It is a picture taken after we opened up a part of the wall in the adjacent room and were able to see inside of the foyer ceiling. This tells me several things: that the stairs and foyer ceiling were added (they are built with dimensional lumber and circular sawn lath). It's easy to imagine that older wood was reused here, which could explain the presence of wallpaper, but why is the paper on the right wrapped down over the old timber? It looks like it was purposefully applied that way. Could that mean that the inside of the ceiling here was once exposed and wallpapered? The rest of the paper could have been removed when the the knob and tube wiring was added (1880-1930s)? I have no idea. Does anyone else have ideas?

Wallpaper inside ceiling.
Below is my favorite wallpaper so far. It was hidden behind a piece of trim inside of a closet. So this wall was papered, then sometime later trim was added and the rest of the paper above it was papered and painted over several times. There were three layers of wallpaper here, this pomegranate paper being the most recent. 

Acanthus leaf wallpaper
This is more of the acanthus leaf paper with another paper over it found after removing some of the plaster and lath inside of a closet. It might be hard to tell here, but there are two additional layers of wallpapered wall under this one. The last one is on some kind of wood paneling.

Update: 4/5/12 

We have begun renovating the bathroom that is adjacent to the wallpapered closet above. That  wall continues into the bathroom but was dry-walled over until a couple of weeks ago. Under the drywall is a tongue and groove wall covered in 6 or so layers of wallpaper. I pulled two nails out and they are Type B cut nails circa 1810-1825 which is consistent with most of the nails I've found throughout the house. 
Type B cut nail from wall above- circa 1810-1825.
This cut-out was done pre-us. We have covered over this wall with drywall. 

Top layer of wallpaper. This looks early to mid 20th century to me. Not sure though.
Somewhere in the middle.
Second to the bottom layer.

Written by Kerry Baldridge

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